When you’re ready to make your wipe product idea a reality, looking at all the manufacturing options you have can be overwhelming. Here are three key points to focus on when considering each manufacturer.

Does the manufacturer have a clear idea of your vision?

Whether you have your fluid already or you’re a brand new start up it’s important that the manufacturer you choose to work with has a clear idea for what you’re looking to accomplish. This is a big question. Do they understand the function of the wipe, the best way to package it, and the best materials to be used?

It can sometimes be easy to see if the person you’re talking to has a grasp on what you’re going for, sometimes not so much. Make sure you’re asking the right questions and being as clear and concise as possible.

Are they clear communicators?

The road to manufacturing and selling your wipe product will hopefully not be filled with mishaps, but nothing is perfect. If something goes wrong on the way its important that you have manufacturer who can communicate clearly with you.

The clearer the communication the easier your process will be. Initial meetings about your product to end production will be better if clear communication is there.

Do you feel that you can build a working relationship with them?

Everyone has different criteria when it comes to choosing someone they’d like to work with. Some care most about the bottom line, some care about easy communication, some care about trust. Whatever your criteria are for a manufacturer make sure they’re met before you begin.

Manufacturers will also have different minimum order quantity. Making sure you both know what to expect from each other upfront makes for a happy and clear business relationship.


Considering these three points will help you analyze each wipes manufacturer and how they will fit your needs from each stage of your wipe process. Understanding of your vision, clear communication skills and a good business relationship make for a fantastic wipe manufacturing experience!