How can the wet wipes industry make sustainability work? The disposable wipes industry has become aware of its environmental issues and is ready to change for the better. We’re working and innovating to lessen our environmental impact.

Let’s explore what people are doing to make it work for our environment!

Going  Zero Landfill:

A lot of wipe manufacturers have gone zero landfill. People are working to make sure the waste from their facilities (think leftover cardboard, plastics, fabrics and more) are not just going to a landfill to sit there. Re-using and recycling materials like this is best for the environment. Incinerating the rest of the waste is the next step. The incineration process produces heat, which produces energy.

Biodegradable fabrics and packaging

The wipes industry creates a product that is made to end up in the trash after one use. Companies are working to create biodegradable fabrics and packaging. This means that after the wipe is used, it won’t be left in a landfill for life. These fabrics range in biodegradability but accomplish the important task of not letting everything end up in a landfill. When a wipe is biodegradable that means it can decompose into the earth. For more information on this topic you can read here.

Electron Beam Printing

EB inks provide better graphics and colors for packaging. They also keep the environment and people safe. These inks don’t use volatile organic products. To read a little deeper into this subject click here!

Renewable energy sources

Finally, switching to renewable energy such as wind energy and solar can bring down electric costs and lessen a facilities environmental impact. Many factories could install solar panels to cover all of their energy needs throughout the day.

There are plenty of ways for this industry to be environmentally responsible, and we are certainly taking steps in the right direction for a more sustainable future!