Are you thinking about putting your product in a wipe form, or have a new idea for a wipe? Here are four things you should be thinking about!



Which packaging format provides the most use for what your wipe is trying to accomplish? Is your wipe best fit for travel, like flat packs or single packs? Will it be used around the house or in an office? Think about going with a canister. A bucket might be the way to go if you’re wipe is best suited for industrial use, outside, or in a garage.


There are tons of different materials to choose from. This will depend on what your fluid is made of, your budget, and the purpose of your wipe. Some fabrics are more durable, some softer, and some biodegradable. Would your product benefit from a scrubby material or a smooth texture? Maybe your company is environmentally conscious and you want something biodegradable. There are plenty of options for every budget and idea!

  1. FLUID

Assuming you already have an all-star fluid developed, it should be tested for compatibility with packaging and wipe material to make sure the wipe you’re creating will fly off the shelf. If you have a great wipe idea and don’t already have a fluid of your own, National Towelette can help you navigate that process.


You’ve got the product stocked on the shelves; now make sure it gets noticed! Whether you’re an established brand or new on the market it’s important to provide consumers with information about your product so they know it’s out there ready for them to buy and love. If you’re on social media (you should be) make sure to make some promotional posts about your new product and where your customers can get their hands on it.